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Exercise for Healing

Explore how exercise helps your body and mind work though life’s challenges and how to boost your efforts with diet. Peter will talk with athletes and other experts on subjects ranging from overcoming addiction and fear to building endurance as a triathelete. Wondering about which exercises are best to add to your training for running or walking? Are there particular food items that you should add to your diet? Exercise for Healing is a great investigation of the positive effects of exercise, diet and faith on your well-being.


Local Group Battles Addiction Together

By: Laura Rice

SYLVANIA, OH — From drug and alcohol addict to extraordinary athlete: Sylvania native Todd Crandell’s story has inspired an untold number of people.

Even though he is still running the big races, these days, Crandell’s mission is more about people than performance. His Racing for Recovery program is changing lives.


National Athlete of the Month | Todd Crandell

By: Staff Writer

Todd Crandell’s 13-year struggle with drugs and alcohol nearly destroyed his life, devastating relationships with family and friends, and shattering the promise of a professional hockey career. He quit using drugs and alcohol on April 15, 1993, and has been sober ever since.

In the process of rebuilding his life, Crandell realized traditional recovery programs weren’t enough. He needed something more. He chose the most grueling sport imaginable, the Ironman Triathlon — 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run. Crandell ran his first triathlon in 1999 and has never stopped since.


New Film to Chronicle Ironman’s Break from Addiction

By: CJ Joshua | | cj@toledofreepress.com

Todd Crandell offers a greeting with a bit of a boyish smile, but traces of adversity show through the surface. His demeanor was that of a well-groomed, confident young man, with a twist of easygoing spirit.

Crandell’s 40-year journey, the subject of an upcoming film, has included drug abuse and suicide in his family at a young age. A triathlete who has completed 18 full-length Ironman Triathlons across the world, in 2008 he was the only person in the world to complete the Ultraman Hawaii Triathlon and six days later complete Ironman Western Australia.


Extreme Athlete Shares His Story in Portsmouth to Help Others

By: Geoff Cunningham Jr.

PORTSMOUTH — Todd Crandell is most certainly a man of extremes.

During Christmas of 1986 the man now known for his inspirational message found himself alone on a Florida beach drinking a bottle of vodka as he watched the waves roll in.

For 13 years Crandell was loaded up on nearly every type of drug or alcoholic beverage he could get his hands on.

And then came the epiphany after his third arrest for driving while intoxicated on April 15, 1993.


Struggles with Addiction Proves Crandell to be an Ironman™

By Aimee Lockhardt

PORTSMOUTH — Todd Crandell had a promising career as a professional hockey player ahead of him until he began using drugs and alcohol. His 13-year struggle not only affected his athletic life, but also his relationships with family and friends.

On April 15, 1993, he quit cold turkey and has been sober ever since. It wasn’t without challenges. Finding traditional support programs weren’t helping, he turned to the Ironman Triathlon and its 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run.


From Excess to Exercise: Group Helps Men and Women Live Sober Through Sweat

By: Kate Dailey – Newsweek

More than 13 years ago, as Scott Strode was struggling to get his drinking and drug use under control, the gym in Boston where he boxed offered refuge. “All the guys in the gym were sober because they were training for fights,” says Strode, 37. “It was a place I could go where I knew there wouldn’t be any pressure to use or drink.”

Now, a sober Strode is recreating the benefits of that safe space for others committed to living sober lives. He’s the founder of Phoenix Multisport, a Boulder, Colo.-based nonprofit that hosts more than 35 athletic activities a week, ranging from running to mountain climbing to biking to yoga, events free to anyone in the area who wants both a good workout and sober social network.


Former Drug Addicts Find New Fixation on Triathlons

By: Madison Park – CNN

(CNN) – When rehab and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings didn’t work for Eddie Freas, he sought another way to kick his 20-year drug and alcohol addiction.

He swam 2.4 miles. He biked 112 miles. He ran 26.2 miles. The Pennsville, New Jersey, resident found relief in triathlons.

“I feel better when I’m working out,” said Freas, 33. “It does wonders for the mind. The reason I started running — it was a switch that went off in my head. I started feeling positive and feeling great about myself.”


Todd Crandell Helps People Through Racing for Recovery™

By: Staff Writer

You may have heard of Crandell. He’s been profiled on just about every major television network. But Crandell isn’t a top-notch Ironman athlete. He hasn’t won any world championships.

Crandell has helped people with his Racing for Recovery program. Crandell battled a drug addiction and alcoholism for 13 years before getting clean in April 1993.


Todd Crandell’s Anti-drug Story is Inspiring, but Often Ignored

By Rachel Hutzel – Contributing Writer

LEBANON — Todd Crandell’s life was taken over by drugs and alcohol as a teenager. His addictions nearly ended his life.

With support from friends and family, Crandell managed to treat his addiction by replacing his drug-induced high with the natural high of competition and athletics. Todd is now sharing his message with others.


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